Saturday, May 14, 2016

Use It Up, Wear It Out...

...Make it do or do without!

Now why couldn't I remember that when my sewing area was cut in half?

Regardless, my sainted husband RE-ASSEMBLED MY OFFICE! Huzzah! I began sewing again immediately!

Today we have two 'use it up, wear it out' projects:

Imagine my surprise when one day I sat down and RIIIIIP! Oh my word. I LOVE these shorts: I have such a hard time finding pants and shorts that fit me correctly, I just knew I had to save these!

Once upon a time, I got a box of sewing notions from Goodwill that used to belong to 'Donna' (I know this because there were some 'Made with love by Donna' tags in there). These patches had some plastic-y backing on them, so I grabbed some I though would work and headed to my iron to confirm my suspicion...

I undid the pocket halfway so I could fix the rip under it.

I turned on the iron and pressed down... Yes! Iron on patches! Thank you Donna!

I then secured them with a decorative stitch

I sewed the pocket back down over the patches. Sadly, I didn't have any matching 'denim' thread, but no one should be looking that closely at my back pocket... If they do I'll be having words.

Et Voila! The patches are cute but not super in-your-face. I hope I can get some more wear out of these shorts!

Same idea with this pair. I LOVE these shorts too and have had them forever. They're really pajama/lounge pants and I have already repaired huge rips a couple of times. 

Right in the bum area

Found some more iron on patches in Donna's box!

I patched near the top of the pocket too since a rip was forming there. The iron on glue on these didn't seem as good as the blue ones, so I made two lines of stitching.

Sewed the edges of the pocket over top the patches and tah dah! Now I can limp these along some more!

I'm SO HAPPY now that my office is back to normal. What to work on next? Hmmm....



Chickie Walsh said...

I like the decorative stitching on the patches. Nice!

Samwise J. said...

Thanks Chickie! I figured it was more fun than a regular straight stitch and maybe even a little more sturdy!

jennifer elliott said...

Great save! I love the decorative stitching as well!

Jennifer, EOD

Samwise J. said...

Thanks Jennifer! I have worn them both plenty since I fixed them, and the denim ones just made a trip through the wash and came out fine! Victory!