Monday, June 13, 2016

Dress refashioned to jacket and how to create a flared cuff.

A before and after.

This dress was one I found on a sale rail, I almost could have worn it as it is, however, I never wear dresses, mainly because they make me feel too dressed up! So after several thoughts, I kept most of the features of the dress and literally shortened it and cut it up the middle at the centre front.

I decided to make a feature of the sleeve and finished it with a flared cuff.

For the full story, and a bit of arithmetic on how to form the flared sleeve end, have a look at my blog post.


Refashion said...

What a great idea.I like the fact you made something other than a dress!

Debbie EOD

whatthesew said...

The jacket has a lovely shape, suits the fabric.

jennifer elliott said...

That is simply gorgeous! Love it!

Linda Wilson said...

Thank you, I like dresses, and I was tempted to keep it as it was, But I rarely wear dresses, so it would have been wasted on me?

Jean said...

love the vintage print look.