Sunday, June 05, 2016

For Memory's Sake

Hi all!

This is one of those projects that, by the time you factor in what skill an effort is worth, I should have just tossed and bought something new. But I just couldn't get rid of this top! Here's why:

Awww it's me and my then-boyfriend-now-husband on our VERY first date!!!

This is that shirt. I ASSURE you it fit better than this 5.5 years ago!!!

This came from a cheap-o clothing store, so the seams are really crooked, too. The design and fabric are great quality, just not the construction

Goal: Make this shirt bigger, and make it a tank top fit for summer in the Southwest!

Sliced open the sides, and slices off the sleeves

Added panels from the legs of a black cotton pair of capri-length leggings

Sew these in, serge, and then sew up the raw edges on the arm holes. I ended up taking this in still a bit more under the arms after that, because the fabric was stretched at that point and gaping badly under the arms. 

Tah dah! And here you case see the issue with a badly-sewn garment: the crookedness is more obvious in the photo than on my body, but that shirt will NEVER lie 100% straight. Oh well. my 'boyfriend' said I looked cute; that's what matters :)

Side panels. Used the hem of the leggings so I didn't have to make a new hem at the bottom. Aww yes for lazy- EFFICIENT sewing!

The angel wings must have confused the boyfriend, because then he proposed and now here we are; he's stuck and there's no angel wings in sight! LOL!

Was the 2 days of effort worth it to save this $5 made-in-China tee shirt? The memories say yes! :)



RePurposeFul said...

Absolutely worth it! Great job :)

Chickie Walsh said...

Aww, great rehashing and a great story.

g.satansbraten said...

Silent pat of admiration onto your shoulder !!!
Memories ....

Loving greetings, Grisabella, ahem, Gerlinde

Marisa Glied said...

Great save! Love the story behind the shirt!


Carissa said...

Definitely worth it to hang on to those memories! I love that you reused the hem on the leggings as the bottom hem of the side panels. I totally would have done that too!


Samwise W. said...

Thanks everyone! I'm just glad I have an excuse to hang onto this one a little longer. Refashioning is the best <3