Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One Chop!

Recently I have been on a refashioning streak, but only finally getting the time to create a good post! I will give you a hint to the reason why!

I found her for $12 at Goodwill! Came complete with all its accessories and just needed a little oil to get her singing again! She is WAY more portable than my other one, but considering my other one was created in the 50's it may have been as portable as they came at the time. I am going to start with a simple refashion that I have already worn and loved!
This is the simplest refashion that I have done in a while, but I think it had great results. I simply chopped off 10 inches from the bottom, got rid of the ties, sewed everything up, and gave it a new hem! Adding a few accessorizes made it a great light on the go dress that I think will be perfect for transitioning to fall. For more details on this refashion check out my blog post! Until next time stay creative! 


Chickie Walsh said...

I love that dress and the machine is great.

Stef Weidert said...

Thanks Chickie you're the best!

jennifer elliott said...

The sewing machine is a fabulous find! Holy cow! Fantastic! Love the simple refashion. I would wear that dress all summer long.

Jennifer, EOD

Stef Weidert said...

Thank you Jennifer! I am ecstatic I found it!