Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Pin-Tuck Purple Shirt

This is the story of a very sad purple t-shirt.
The flaws: too wide, too short, too low-cut.
Basically stretched out and worn out.


I thought about cutting it up to make t-shirt yarn but decided on an experiment before slicing it up.
My super long plastic measuring guide was already out from a quilting project, so I used it to make chalk lines diagonally across the front of the shirt.  I drew three parallel lines about an inch apart and used them to help me sew a small pin-tuck all the way down, from one shoulder to the opposite side .  I was hoping to shrink some of the wideness of the shirt by taking it in a little bit on each line.  Then I did the same thing on the opposite side, which left me with an "X" shape across the front of my shirt.
You can see the inside of the shirt looks pretty cool too.
pin-tuck, right side out
pin-tuck, inside out

As you can see, the shirt still has all of the original flaws; it's possibly even MORE stretched out than ever before, but now it has something interesting added to the front.
I might wear this camping or to exercise, or eventually cut it up into yarn....but I'd love to try this idea on a better quality piece of clothing too.

Thanks for reading!
Love, Amy Jo at The Little Moments


RePurposeFul said...

Great idea!

g.satansbraten said...

Ó.Ó - heavens, MY personal 'nightmare': several visible straight lines close together!
Goooood on you !!!

Loving greetings,

cfortin said...

I love the effect you got. Really fun idea.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

yến vũ said...

it very fashion. i very like it
thiet ke nha
nha xinh