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Wednesday, June 08, 2016


This dress was supposedly a size medium??
I changed three little things about it to make it fit me:
- The bodice was too long. I shortened it from the shoulders.
- I made two darts in the back.
- I shortened the dress by 8 cm (3,14").

Sometimes a few minor tweaks is all it takes to fix a garment.

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g.satansbraten said...

Yep, made all the difference !!!
Btw.: not yet run out of 'undies', dear Saga ;-) ?
(= o.k., I'll throw a punishment shoe in your name after me cheeky critter :-D )
Yet: watching those 'modesty panels'/camisoles underneath used by you rather liberally I have to admit the lesson a muslim 'near mother in law' was showing me with something the like (= different; slightly more covered up dress code) looks actually way better than the 'blank sightseeing-tour/open meat market' - imho.

LG, Gerlinde
btw, special thanks to you since you taught me a fair bit about different appearances due to changes in lengths as well !

Yến Yến said...

very fashtion i like it

thiet ke biet thu

nha xinh

Marisa Glied said...

Much better!


jennifer elliott said...

I love this dress! I love the summery look and pattern of the dress. I'm a little jealous. ;) I forget that darts can make a huge difference when altering a dress or skirt. Thanks for the reminder!

Jennifer, EOD