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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Simply shorter.....

While visiting my sister several years ago, she had a cleanout in her wardrobe and gave me a pair of linen trousers. The length was rather unflattering, wide legs and 3/4 quarter length. I simply shortened them and took in the sides as well.
Et voila, another pair of nice wearable summer pants!


jennifer elliott said...

With any new pair of pants, I always find myself shortening them and or taking them in a bit. Nice job.

Jennifer, EOD

g.satansbraten said...

Yep - definitely an option!
I'm currently fighting the 'draft' going along with those fashionable, ankle-short to even shorter summer pants with leg-warmer in our austral. winter.
Means: what's definitely a bonus during summer, might suddenly get oneself in a suddenly awkward situation in winter here. O.k., 'fleece over knees' for outings, yet at home and for sitting around during sewing jobs and the like: leg warmers by foot (= unladylike whistle for them; despite not as obedient as a dog ;-) ) !!!

LG, Gerlinde