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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stained to Dyed

Whew! The last month has been crazy! I've sewn, I've refashioned, but found very little time to take pictures so I could blog my projects. Then I went on a mission trip for a couple weeks, so no sewing happened. Now, I'm back and I'm finding crazy busy to be the new normal so I squeeze in sewing where I can (read: late at night, one day the lack of sleep may catch up with me) Finally though, I have both completed a refashion and gotten pictures of it! So, without farther ado, this shirt.

It was pretty. It fit well. I picked it up on clearance at a local boot store. I rather liked it. It was white (well actually cream, but. . .).  Me and white clothes, that's a bad combination. One should not wear a white shirt if one will be drinking coffee while driving. Yeah, the shirt was a little stained and I had been planning on dying it for a while. I'd bought some blue dye for it, but I never got around to actually dying the shirt. One evening I had some left over green dye from another project, so I figured why not? I like green just as much as blue, so into the pot of dye the shirt went.

And this is how it came out;

The shirt is actually a shade darker than it appears in this picture. Still a light color but all the stains are hidden now so the shirt is wearable again! I'll call that a success!

Check out this refashion on my blog, along with my refashion of a curtain to a hammock, the project the green dye was actually meant for. Until next time,


Chickie Walsh said...

Great green color.

jennifer elliott said...

Nice save. Me and white shirts are a very dangerous combination too! More goats are needed in your pics. :)

Jennifer, EOD