Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another skirt made bigger

I bought this skirt for £1, I knew it would be a bit small but that could be fixed.

The basic element of the waistband was a nice Indian style tape, which had no stretch, but there were also 2 types of belt loop and skirt lining so I would have to add an insert to make the waist bigger, merely cutting a strip from the top wouldn't do it.

I removed the tape and added it to my stash.

I opened the centre back seam and added 2 inches to the waist with a triangular panel, also adding a new waistband from some stretchy fabric I already had.

This skirt is now a perfect and comfy fit, more details here 

I've worn it a lot, at home and on holiday, because I like the style and colours.


Chickie Walsh said...

Great idea!

jennifer elliott said...

Great save. I love the colors and pattern of the skirt. I would wear it all the time too.

Jennifer, EOD