Monday, July 18, 2016

Beige Blah Dress

When I had a second job at Yankee Candle, I was only permitted to wear solid colors in black, white, gray or beige... talk about the most boring dress code ever! That dress code is the SOLE reason I picked up this hand made dress for .99 cents.

I would've passed this by completely but I needed "new" code appropriate tops for my job and I wasn't about to buy at retail price. It actually fit pretty well; the material was comfortable... all I did was cut some length off here and there.

I finished the hems and was done.

Ironically, I ended up really liking this top and wore it all the time (not just for work). Ain't life a kick in the head?

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Chickie Walsh said...

It's a great top, huge improvement

Erica Moody said...

Garments like that are always a good buy, especially at $.99. It's a blank canvas! If you hoard a lot of necklaces like I do, a nice beige background is good for showing off a statement piece. In your picture, you let that lovely, long necklace be the star of the outfit!

jennifer elliott said...

I would wear it as a top all the time too. Looks super comfortable but yet chic. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD