Monday, July 25, 2016

From a maxidress to ... a better maxidress

I found this maxidress at the thrift shop recently. I knew the top would be, let's say, immodest on me, but I loved the colors and the pattern. So of course, I bought it to refashion it.

I chopped off the skirt of the maxidress just above the waist line. I took a plain white t-shirt that fit me well and cut a few inches off the bottom of that. Then I put the t-shirt inside the skirt, right sides together. I was going to match up the raw edges, but the parts fit together better around the waistline with the skirt up a little from the end of the shirt. Once I had the top and skirt nicely matched up, I stitched around the waistline with a straight stretch stitch.

After that, I serged the raw edge and my new dress was ready to go.

The skirt is a lightweight, t-shirt cotton, so the whole thing is cool and comfy even on very hot days.

Thanks for reading! -Amy


Chickie Walsh said...

I like it. Those little halter tops don't work on me either. Nice solution.

Refashion said...

Oooh that makes a lovely summer dress.