Friday, July 22, 2016

Hello, introduction, and refashion!

Hello world!

My name is Hillary! I currently live in Northern Virginia (the once place I promised I'd never live) with my wonderful husband, rescue greyhound and sassy cat. I work as a graphic designer for a college by day, refashioner by night (err.. eveningish, before bedtime.) I was first introduced to the wonderful, exciting and fulfilling life of a refashioner about 2 years ago and have been all in since. I've been on this "no new clothes" kick for almost two years now (minus undies - those are definitely new) (although I plan on making my own soon) and I'm pretty much addicted to the thrift store game. I am a self-taught seamstress and I'm far from perfect.

I have this refashion blog, ReCreatables.comIt's like this great diary of my learning process, some of them are awful and my pictures are awful and my writing is so goofy but I want to keep them all up there for those many times people tell me "I can't sew". I feel like every sewing blog out there is perfect, flawless, the stitches are great, only the good sides are shown, and I'm reminded about my need for instant gratification which leads to poor decisions and bad stitches. Blah. But you know what? I have fun, and I keep sewing and getting a little better, and it feels great to finish something. I want other people to have that experience in place of the mental "I can't sew" block. 

ANYWAYS, enough of that. Here's one of my favorite recent refashions: 

I had the top half of a dress left over from a previous refashion, as well as this sparkly nude/pink dress thing which I thought went well with the green.

This is pretty straight forward (I'm sure there's a diagonal joke somewhere in there) I basically measured where the diagonal would look best on my body, pinned some marks, then cut. I cut a rectangle tube out of the dress skirt, and attached right sides, raw edges together.

When I tested it out and put it on, The corner of the diagonal was a little funky looking. To fix this, I pinched, pinned, sewed, and disguised with a bow (seriously the fix to all the world's problems)

I also really like to promote sewing in PJs, this should be a thing :-) To check out a more in-depth tutorial and how I did the bow thing, please visit my blog righttttt here!

I hope you liked it, I look forward to doing many many more for you guys!! (let's be internet friends!)

Always sew in PJs, (I've just decided this is my new closing line now)


jennifer elliott said...

First welcome! I too am far from perfect. With little to no patience, I have to tendency to take short cuts and very poor decisions with the hope "everything will work out" in the end. I love love love your first refashion you're sharing with us. I have seen the angled cut look before and I've always wondered whether that would look on good (because I'm short and very far from a size 0 or 2). Great refashion.

Jennifer, EOD (editor on duty)

Hillary Greene said...

Thanks so much!! It's so refreshing to know that we aren't all perfect!! I'm so excited to be here :-)

Chickie Walsh said...

Cute top, and I am with you about sewing in jammies.

Ivy Dewett said...

Your top is so cute! I just joined the co-op as well! Can't wait to see your other refashions:)

Gema Ensenat said...

Love the bow 'cover up'! Great job, and welcome! :)

Hillary Greene said...

Thank you!! And yes, especially if you're constantly having to try things on, it's too hard to do fully clothed!

Hillary Greene said...

Thank you!! Can't wait to see what you come up with also :-D

Hillary Greene said...

Thank you! Bows make everything better ;-)