Saturday, July 16, 2016

Men's Jeans to Women's High Waisted Skirt

I have been wanting to make a high waisted jean skirt to wear with another refashion I made not too long ago.  This Boho-Beachy Shirt was calling for one since the day I made it.  I honestly haven't even worn it yet, even though I love it, but that's about to change.

Here are the jeans I chose to work with.  They are a mens pair.  I cut off the legs.

One leg would become the front and the other the back.

I love this pattern.  I use this to make all my skirts.  It is easy and the fit is great.

I got the skirt all put together.  Looks good, right?

It does, until you turn it to the side.  I'm no skinny little wafe, so the width of my hips is much greater then the size of the thighs of the jeans I am working with.  

That's ok, though.  This is part of the plan for this skirt.  I wanted to tie in the octagon shapes from the boho top to the skirt.  I found my old template and started cutting these shapes from my sons old jeans, so they have a different shade/color.
I started at the top and worked my way to the bottom.  

Then the tricky part ... 
I had to sew it all together with all these pins in place.  I stabbed myself more times than I could count trying to push this through the machine at different angles.  

Here is the finished product:

I love the coverage it gives me.  I love a good mid drift shirt, but this top was showing a bit too much with a pair of low cut jeans.  The high waisted skirt really pulls up the class meter on the top.  I also like how the octagons almost look like scales, giving a little nod to the mermaid in me.
I have been in a bathing suit most days soaking up the sun and playing with the kids, so I haven't had an opportunity to wear it.  Now that I have a complete outfit, I know that shirt won't spend an eternity in the closet.  

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whatthesew said...

Great idea for filling the gap.

RePurposeFul said...

Looks fabulous with the shirt! Great job :)

Gema Ensenat said...

Fab job - love it!!!

Heidi said...

That is awesome! Really unique looking! Love it!

Carissa said...

I loveloveLOVE the octagons on the sides! Fabulous!


Chickie Walsh said...

So creative, I love it!