Tuesday, July 12, 2016

one euro blouse

I am always surprised at the amount of 'good stuff' on the euro rail, once you look beyond some of the styles!  I got these pair of culottes on the euro rail, and adored the silk and the colour and there was enough fabric to try a pleated/tucked blouse.
culottes to top upcycle

Personally I always prefer to take things apart and recut so there was plenty of fabric in these, the pattern was self drafted, its basically a boat neck top pattern which is cut open and spread out, and the lining fabric is the original fabric so it holds the shape of the outside.  I have a few more details on the blog upsew.ie


Sandy said...

That is a very flattering look on you! Great save on that fabric.
Sandy in the UK

Alyssa Wesselmann said...

Very pretty! Great job!

Chickie Walsh said...

Lovely color and a nice job making your own pattern. It looks great.

Susan Evans said...

I like using the fabric too, and this is a really good one!

Heidi said...

I really like the pleats and the color. What a fantastic outcome!

jennifer elliott said...

What a wonderful refashion! I love finding "ugly" items and turning them into something much prettier! I love everything about this refashion: the color, the fabric, the style. Fantastic job.

Jennifer, EOD