Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Peasant top to Cold Shoulder top

I recently clicked on one of those ads for styling services (eg. StyleBox, Gwynnie Bee) because I was in a creative rut. I have a ridiculous pile of clothes begging to be refashioned, and every time I looked at it I had.....nothing. Zero ideas. :(

As luck would have it, I saw something on the styling service site that jumped out to me and screamed "You can make something like this!" 

Behold, the very inspiring tie-dyed cold shoulder t-shirt!
It just so happened that in my refashion stash was a peasant shirt that was tie-dyed in similar colors to the inspiration shirt.

As a peasant shirt, it fit all wrong, but the colors were right!
Using my trusty seam ripper, I removed all of the elastic thread that was used to gather the neckline and waist. Then I took some scraps of black fabric that were left over from a previous project and sewed them into tubes to use as straps.

It's not an exact replica of the inspiration shirt, but it's pretty darn cute and super comfortable, especially in the miserable heat and humidity that have settled into the mid-west.

Please pardon the slightly blurry cell phone pics. My usual refashion camera had a dead battery and I was impatient!


Chickie Walsh said...

I love this idea and the top is super cute. Very nice.

Bailey Mills said...

I have a couple other shirts that I may try something similar on!

RePurposeFul said...

Great idea, and well done! Glad you got your MOJO back. :)

Maria said...

I like it better than the inspiration piece due to your wider straps.

Alyssa Wesselmann said...

Great Job! I refashioned a peasant top a couple months back and it was so hard to figure out what to do with it, your refashion is a great idea!

Heidi said...

I also like the wider straps. Great job!!

jennifer elliott said...

I'm with everyone else regarding the wide straps -- love it but than the inspired item. Nice job.

Jennifer, EOD