Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Seersucker Shirt

Hello Refashion Co-op. My project today was an old shirt that belonged my husband. He put it in the give away pile and I grabbed it. It is nice white and light blue seersucker. I made a simple halter strap top with simple straps that tie behind my neck..

It was a basic button down shirt that I got from my husband's give away pile.

I cut away a lot and used the ends of the sleeves as straps. (I think this looks like a dissection. Gross.)

It was great for a very hot day of sight seeing. I was at Harper's Ferry and it was so hot I went in the river as you can see in the first picture.

For more pictures and details about this top and the bra I altered to wear with it go to


Accidental Seamstress said...

Bra altering... that's tricky business. Go you! The shirt's cute too, by the way :)

Chickie Walsh said...

Thanks Accidental, It was pretty basic but I wish I had thought of it before.

cfortin said...

Cute new top. I should do that with some of my hubbies old shirts.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Chickie Walsh said...

You should, he'll never miss them Cindy.