Friday, July 29, 2016

The Umpire Strikes Back!

I have always like black and white stripes, and used to wear them a lot when I was younger. However, recently, due to some teasing comments from my sons (see my blog), I have developed a "block" about sewing with/wearing them.
I still love those stripes (on other people), so when I was given a pile of unwanted clothes, I was happy, and sad, to see a striped blouse. It was a great style, with an open V-neck at the back. I tried it on, hoping I could get over my stigma, but nope!
Also, in the pile was an unworn black T-shirt. It was nice and long with a V-neck. What to do, what to do……??
That’s when I decided I could handle being a ref from behind!
I cut the sleeves off the T-shirt, and cut down the side and shoulder seams, separating the backs and fronts of each garment, but keeping the blouse collar intact. Luckily the shoulder and side seams were almost the same length, so just needed minor tweaks to match. 
I cut 2 strips from the back of the T-shirt, folded them over and serged onto the front armholes. Then I stitched blouse back and T-shirt front together. I just topstitched the collar onto the V-neck of the T-shirt.
It pulls on easily because the front is jersey, so no need for buttons.


jennifer elliott said...

I love this. I'm more aware of the colors and patterns when looking at tops instead of going to my old standbys of black, grey, red, and blue. I love how the collar ties everything together and I love the triangle cut out in the back. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD

Precinct 5 TMR EMM said...


whatthesew said...

Combination looks great, keep using the stripes.

Catherine1216 said...

This is so cute. Great save.

Stef Weidert said...

Great refashion I have never seen an umpire look that stylish! I have also fallen victim to the stripes pandemic!

Amy Jo said...

wow! What a great way to use a that shirt! I love that there's a little surprise on your back half!