Monday, August 01, 2016

Another newbie intro

I'm so excited to be a contributor, finally, after lurking since this site first began.  I'm always inspired by all the ideas here and hoping to get my "sew-jo" back too (some else invented that earlier, definitely a word that's needed). 

I've been sewing and refashioning forever, much to my mum's dismay when I was young due to a tendency to cut up "perfectly good clothes" and not always reassemble them in a useful format afterwards - but if you don't make mistakes, you're not learning, or so I tell myself.  Given I'm still making mistakes, I must still be learning.  Currently I need to learn (again) to be brave and cut the fabric, even the good stuff...

I could do a real bio but it's the sewing bio that's really important here, right?  And, in lieu of a finished project, here's a sample of some (nope, not all) my UFOs and proposed projects:

Somehow I feel if I organise things, the sewing is half done (haha).  That's enough to be going on with... and next time, progress!


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jennifer elliott said...

I can't wait to see your refashions with some of these items! Welcome to the community. For future reference, we like to see BEFORE and AFTER pics of refashions. Can't wait to your work!

Jennifer, EOD