Thursday, August 25, 2016

Basic Shirt To Tank Top

I been wanting to some refashioning lately and have the ideas I just need to buy a few things first. So annoying when you're all ready to refashioning something only to realize you can't because you don't have (fill in the blank here). That means today I just going to be posting a quick refashion I did a while ago. 
Before my very big shirt

When I'm thinking of ideas for refashioning something I often make elaborate plans but sometimes simple is better. Like with this t-shirt I had, it's a very plain extra large t-shirt with no details. I was making all these complicated plans for refashioning it until I though all I need is tank tops so let's make that. So that what I did, I dumped my elaborate plans and made a simple one. Make this t-shirt into a tank top.
Cutting off the sleeves

Once I knew what to do things went relatively fast, I cut off the sleeves. Then I took in my side seams making sure to line up the hem. It was looking great, but a bit long and the neckline was a bit low so I ended up taking in the shoulders as well. I lined the shoulders up with the neckline so the armhole was off and I had to re-cut it.Then since it was a knit shirt, I simply folded the raw edges under and finished it with a twin needle. And that was it.


My favorite thing about this project is that it exactly what I need right now and something I can get a lot of wear a lot. If you want to see more of me, you can see the original post here or if you would like to check out my blog click here.


jennifer elliott said...

Nice job with the new tank top! I know exactly what you mean by wanting to refashion something but you don't have the right supplies or that certain something. Can be frustrating at times, but then it kind of forces me to look at other projects to.. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD

Old Jail Artist said...

This is so simple it's genius. I have a couple of t-shirts I never wear... time to make tank tops.