Monday, August 29, 2016


In my opinion there is nothing better for the waist than belt. Belts  underline and adorn waist in best possible way. 
I have many belts and I love them all , but thanks to Witcher 3 I discovered corset belts! .
It's just a game but I'm really impressed how someone created those characters : Triss , Yen , Ciri they all look so graceful.  After I sewed this corset belt I decided to have fun and made little cosplay as you can see on photos. I can confidently say that this corset is super comfortable and I could fight  with monsters without any problems.

For my corset belt I used:
old leather jacket , I love recycling :-)

After few moves:
ready Ciri's corset belt 

Little cosplay :-)

and here is how corset belt looks on me in normal clothes

Recycling of old leather jacket/ coat in progress, as for now I made a big leather tote and a corset belt.




RePurposeFul said...

Love it, very flattering! And really cool :)

Minnado said...

The belt looks great. Thank you for showing a tutorial as well.

Debbie EOD

Anielska Aniela said...

thank you! :-)