Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Finding a Dress in the Men's Department!

So, I found myself with 3 Old Navy, XXL long-sleeved men’s T-shirts to play with – two rust, and one striped. I didn't take before pics, but they were basic T's.
I cut up one of the solid ones and made a simple tank for exercising, but still had lots of fabric to play with.
I decided to go with a dress. I used a tank I already have that I like the fit of, and made a bodice, cutting it off just below the bust – to accentuate the narrowest part, which is definitely not my waist. I lined it with contrast – one of my son’s old grey T-shirts, and added ties into the V neck on the back.
For the skirt, I just had to be creative with the fabric I had. I cut the rust T-shirt across at the armpit, and down the side seams to become rectangular front and back skirt panels. I cut open the sleeves, and used them “upside down” to create triangles on the sides (no side seams), adding flare to the skirt. The dress needed more length, so I added two hem borders – one using the striped shirt, just piecing it together.
I'm pretty happy with the result.


leaf said...

Very good refashion!

Kerri Verrochi said...

I love this dress! But could u explain what u did with the sleeves again to add flair? Im intrigued! I just made a skirt out of a $0.25 t shirt, myself!

fabrichoarder said...

Thanks, Kerri
The shirt had long sleeves (sorry if pic confused you). I cut them off, cut up the seam and opened them out. I flipped them upside down so the wider sleeve head was at the bottom, and trimmed them to be triangular. Then they were stitched to the sides of the front and back pieces, adding flare (like godets). Hope this makes sense :)

jennifer elliott said...

I love the color combination of the dress. I love T-shirt fabric and making something awesome out of it. Great inspiration.

Jennifer, EOD