Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Floral Tunic Top

When I found this light fun patterned article of clothing I thought it was a dress. Turns out it was a tunic thing with a large slit up both sides. This was one of my first refashions so the only picture I have is in a collage.
When I went to cut off the length, I noticed that the slits continued past where I wanted it to end for the top. I just seam ripped and put the sides back together and shortened the sleeves to a baseball tee length. I rounded the bottom hem because I was feeling the way it looked haha. The great thing is when I bought this top I also got two new(to me) pairs of shorts that fit perfectly, and they both go perfectly with this top! You can kinda see the red ish pain in the first picture and then the green in the other. The colors are almost exact and I had no idea when I bought them! 
Anyhoo, thanks for looking! If you want to see more refashions and step to step pictures you could always head on over to my blog! Click Here!


cfort82 said...

Cute top and fun print.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

TheRefashStash said...

Now the print isn't overwhelming! Very cute!