Monday, August 15, 2016

From Long Sleeve to LBD!

My final vacation refashion...I think. I love finding over-sized cotton t's at the goodwill! This lovely super soft black one was found a few weeks back and knew I could do something amazing with it!

I swear I'm wearing shorts in this photo! Little black dresses are among my favorite wardrobe pieces, so that's what I set out to make! This was a dream find I love the mock neck and the sleeves will add extra fabric for me to work with.

I dissasembled the sleeves and ripped the side seams out of the t-shirt. Then I laid my favorite swing dress over it for a pattern.

I'm sorry it is hard to see as they are both black but you get the idea! I traced around the arm holes and down a bit to get the shape of the sides. I decided to make this slightly more unique than a typical swing dress. This was done by not trimming the curve of the shoulders and shaping the length into a triangle. Then sewing them on either side of the dress.
Overall I am quite happy with how this turned out!  The only changes I may do are to take off a little more at top of the arm hole to give it a better shoulder line. Also it may be a bit short, but I will always wear shorts under it so I will always be covered! It could work belted or not, but I think I may like it better belted than hanging free.

If you would like to see more about this refashion please check out my blog! Until next time stay creative!


whatthesew said...

The big black t-shirt looked very unpromising but the dress looks pretty good.

Chickie Walsh said...

Super cute, big improvement from the plain Tshirt.

jennifer elliott said...

I love LBD, but I don't wear them often because of my two long-haired kitties. I love them but they get their fur EVERYWHERE! Great refashion. Have fun in Minnesota!

Jennifer, EOD

Stef Weidert said...

Thanks guys! I sure did have fun!! This was the perfect dress to wear on the road. Jennifer I hear you about pet hair! I have a beagle mix with black,brown,and white fur so no matter what colors I wear the fur is always there!