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Monday, August 15, 2016

"In my former life...I was a pair of jeans!"

So happy to be taking part in Portia’s  the refashioners2016. The challenge is to refashion jeans into other clothing/accessories.
For my first try, I grabbed a pair of my son’s jeans, rescuing them from his Goodwill donation bag. I often sneak jeans from his giveaways, and stash them away for a project. I generally prefer skirts to pants, and like the casual look of denim skirts, great to wear with flat sneakers and T-shirts ( I don’t lead a very “dressed-up” life).

As I spread the jeans out, it struck me that the inside leg curve could be flipped upside down to form a side seam flare. I wanted to try something different from adding a triangle at centre front and centre back to add flare.

Two legs joined together were not going to be enough to wrap around my hips, so I kept cutting pieces, and pinning them together on myself until it fit. The only extra piece of fabric I added was a scrap from my stash to make the button strip on the left front.
When cutting the outside seams open, I saved the seam allowances, thinking they might come in handy as a trim. Sure enough, I ended up using them down the front.
The skirt was a little shorter than I like so I didn’t want to turn it up, and I didn’t have enough scraps to make a border, so I just stitched a couple of lines, washed it, and frayed the hem.
Full details on the blog here

1 comment:

jennifer elliott said...

I love the skirt! You did a fabulous job. If I had my way, I would wear sweatpants and a tee all day every day. But I don't mind wearing skirts every now and then.

Jennifer, EOD