Friday, August 26, 2016

Just another old dress...

You people on this blog do some really great things with your sewing! I admire, but I just don't have the patience for those skillfully thought out items that many of you do. Is it wrong that I'm perfectly content to keep things simple?
I was excited when I found this large, almost pajama-like dress. It felt like an old muu muu, but had a nice detail at the bust line and cute little buttons. Very easy to turn into this:
Yup, that's a picture of a girl had no frustrations (like I usually do) and came up with something just right on the first try. The pictures came out a little less bright and vibrant than I would've liked. I took it in on the sides and shortened the straps. I added some little round studs around the top of the dress and on the straps. Of course the belt was added. Always the damn belts with me.
Here's the full post and here's a fabulous skirt that I also did.
Thanks for looking!


RePurposeFul said...

I absolutely LOVE this!! Seriously, it is adorable! For years I searched for a dress just like this, and never found it, little did I realize I probably could have refashioned something like you did! Fabulous.

jennifer elliott said...

I love love the retro look. I love this dress. I'm with you -- I like simple refashions but I feel pretty proud of myself when I try something more complicated.

Jennifer, EOD

Marisa Glied said...

Adorable!!!!!!! Love the shoes with it too!