Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Old Curtain to Mermaid Costume

I have a habit of picking up cheap linens at thrift stores. They're a fantastic way to get fabric on the cheap! A while back I picked up a hot pink satin curtain at Goodwill. After turning part of the bottom of the curtain into a pillow case for my daughter, the remainder languished in my fabric stash for months.

But I recently had an idea that allowed me to use nearly all of the remaining curtain fabric!

Fancy sequined top of the curtain.
For Christmas a couple years ago, my daughter got a rocking lobster. My idea was to turn the curtain into a mermaid tail so I could take a photo of my daughter riding her lobster as a mermaid. :D

Rock(ing) lobster
I spent a Saturday evening watching Stargate: Atlantis and cutting out pieces and removing extra sequins.


Ready to pin & sew

My daughter is super excited to wear her new mermaid tail!


RePurposeFul said...

I love getting linens at the thrift store, they are a great buy! Great job, and she looks adorable!

Jan Francis said...

Really clever! We have (from years ago) a rocking horse version of your lobster, I believe my husband got the pattern from Sunset Magazine.

jennifer elliott said...

1. I love looking at the linen area at thrift stores and general dollar stores too. Such a steal.

2. I would be so excited to wear a cute mermaid costume too! She's adorable and she definitely looks happy.

Great job.

Jennifer, EOD