Sunday, August 28, 2016

Refashion Runway: Tunic

For the next Refashion Runway challenge - Tunic - I used this linen blend skirt and top set and a cotton muumuu (with nursing zippers!) to make a reversible tunic.

Refashion Runway: Tunic

I removed the belt loops, hook and eye, zipper, and waistband from the skirt, then picked out all the box pleats and pressed out the wrinkles. I also removed the yoke from the muumuu, salvaging the sleeves, buttons, zippers, and upper back panel as I went. I cut open a paper bag and drafted a tunic pattern, complete with bust darts and a slight flare to accommodate my hips, and used it to cut out my front and back panels from each of the fabrics. The muumuu sleeves were trimmed down and the coral printed sleeves were cut from the front panel of the original top. Once I assembled all the coral pieces and all the grey pieces, I joined the two separate tunics into one along the neck edge. Lastly, I folded in and top-stitched the sleeve hems and the bottom hem.

Refashion Runway: Tunic

Refashion Runway: Tunic

I love the reversibility and the little peak of the other fabric that you get from the slightly longer back flap on the bottom. And I love that I can make a statement with the bright, boldly patterned side or keep it neutral with the grey instead.

Refashion Runway: Tunic

Refashion Runway: Tunic

For more details on my project, you can visit me at CarissaKnits. Or go check out the other competitors' refashioned tunics at The Renegade Seamstress and cast your vote!

Refashion Runway: Tunic


RePurposeFul said...

Very clever! And very nicely done :)

jennifer elliott said...


kitblu said...

I never heard of nor seen a dress with nursing zippers. I guess I lead a sheltered life. *sigh* I love both sides of the tunic, though they are quite different.

Anielska Aniela said...

love it ! thanks for so nice tutorial :-)

Minnado said...

OOOhh I love it. I was amazed at how much fabric you had in the originals