Friday, August 05, 2016

RR Sew Along - Velvet

I have decided to Sew Along with Refashion Runway this year. The first challenge is Velvet.
I loved the gradient green colours of this velvet dress, but the dress was way too small for me. I couldn't even get it on for a before picture.

I considered several options for this dress, but finally decided to go with a classic: I remade it into a skirt. Since the skirt of the dress became wider towards the bottom, there was room for making a skirt that would fit me.
The dress had a side zipper. I opened the zipper, so could be used in the final skirt. And cut.

I finished the upper edge and made two darts in the back of the skirt for at better fit.

The skirt reminds me of a dancing skirt. An attempt at action photo with my son as the photographer.

While I was at it, I also refashioned this little velvet thing: An 80s blouse with the most amazing sleeves: Shoulder pads, pleats, puff and buttons.

Goodbye shoulder pads and goodbye sleeves.
I also made breats darts for a better fit, made the arm holes smaller, and shortened the top 4 cm (app. 1 1/2").
I can tell that this will be a favourite for work.

(There is really nothing interesting up to the right (my left). I just can't avoid light reflections in my glasses, unless I made odd postures, which is why my refashion photos usually are headless).


whatthesew said...

Both refashions look excellent. Velvet sounded intimidating.

Saga said...

Thank you. Velvet is quite forgiving to sew.

jennifer elliott said...

Great job on both refashions, but I think I love the velvet skirt more! So flouncy and twirly! Great job!

Jennifer, EOD

Gema Ensenat said...

Fab work - love the skirt!!

leaf said...

Well done!