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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Scarf to Top refashion

I made this top from a scarf I found. 

It was a large 100 x 100 cm square in a silky but synthetic fabric.  I had been intending to make it into a Kimono.

I have a lot of scarves and am often looking for ways to repurpose them but one issue is that sometimes a lot of the pattern action is in the corners, which makes sense for scarves but not for much else.

This is the original scarf.

I found a simple tutorial on pinterest which involves cutting a square and 2 triangles out of a square scarf and putting them together to make this top.

For more details and the link to the original tutorial look here

Here is what it looks like on me.


leaf said...

Well done!

brocobelle said...

This really looks great, so glad the tutorial worked out well, loving your blog by the way, K.

Chickie Walsh said...

Very nice. I have been thinking of making some scarves into tops. Thanks for the inspiration.

fabrichoarder said...

Nice use of pattern placement, looks good on you!

Cristina Gomez said...

Wonderful¡¡ Thank you.

Maria said...

Love it! I've seen ones with neckholes in the center & the borders @ the bottom & ones reconstructed to close in front, but this one is by far the best. The fit is very flattering!

Queen Of Rods said...

You did a great job on this refashion...very flattering on you :)

Kerri Verrochi said...

Beautiful job. U made a really lovely top.

jennifer elliott said...

I love this refashion! Beautiful beautiful job! I love the angled front -- looks great on you.

Jennifer, EOD