Thursday, August 11, 2016

Skirt to Backpack


I got some dark gray cotton canvas for the lining, but first I had to make some pockets on the lining, then I did pockets on both sides to ensure there would be enough space for my phone, keys, and various small items. There will never be a bag with too many pockets for me because I will need every pocket to organize my little essentials.
Here it is, looking at this! A sparkling, textured and a backpack from a shirt skirt is finished, for more refashion projects, please click here to view more!


jennifer elliott said...

Super pretty! I agree a backpack can't have too many pockets but it's frustrating when you can't remember which pocket you used. ;) Great job.

Jennifer, EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

So fabulous. I love that material and it's perfect for a bag.

leaf said...

Thanks, it is more useful and I used it at the recent trip.

RePurposeFul said...

Awesome! And yes, one can never have too many pockets :)

Anielska Aniela said...

it looks great , I love the fabric :-)

Marisa Glied said...

Wow! You made that look pretty simple to replicate! I HAVE to try it! Amazing job!