Friday, September 30, 2016

sweater dress to sweater top

I apologise for not posting more but it was a bad month for refashioning. I started out the month with a very ambitious refashion that has turned into a long-term refashion. The second I was going to refashion sounded a lot easier.  It was so frustrating; I seemed to be doing everything wrong. So I decided to put that refashion on hold. But I still wanted to refashion something. Which is where this top come in

I was looking through my refashioning pile and found this great sweater dress. It is so soft and fuzzy the perfect thing for winter. The were a couple of things I disliked the length and the neckline. I started with trying to fix the neckline. Nothing work for me, so I decide to ignore that for now and work on the length instead. The length was easy to adjust all I did was take the ribbing around the bottom and sew it higher up.

Once I had sewed the ribbing up higher, I tried it on again to make sure the length worked. While trying it on I put it on backwards. This fixed the neckline and I rather like the straight line across.

Now my back is low and while at first, I thought I should add a bow or something. I think I will wear it awhile and see how I like it. Want to hear more details go check it out on.
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jennifer elliott said...

Complicated refashions can frustrate me too, but if I complete it successfully then I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Anyway, keep your chin up and keep refashioning! Not everything will turn out great or turn out the way you want, but keep pushing forward.

Jennifer, EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

I like how you turned the shirt around and wore it backwards. I have a few tops I have done that with and it helped with the fit. It's a pretty red too.