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Friday, September 09, 2016

Inspired By Jeanius!! Two Pairs Of Jeans Become A Dress!

At the recent National Thrift Shop Day at Value Village I thrifted these two pairs of jeans for only $6.99 for both pairs.
They are exactly the same size, long, exact same colour wash and made by the same manufacturer.  I didn't try them on in the store because the lineups were crazy.  They fit me but the rise was a little too short.  So I thought, what am I going to do now???  There have been a number of refashioning competitions in the refashioning blogging community lately, and one involved using denim in new and interesting ways.  This inspired me to tackle the problem of these jeans...but what to do...what to do?
I had seen one refashioning basically turn her jeans into a giant piece of fabric, so I decided to start from there.  I cut up and across the inseam on both sides.  Then I cut up along the fly seam and the back seam through the waist band on both pairs of jeans.  I now had 4 pieces of oddly shaped fabric.
In order to make two pieces of fabric to create the front and the back of what ever I was going to make, I trimmed off the groin area of the jeans to create on long seam to sew up.  I took one front and one back and did just that.  I did not sew up one panel all the way to the top to be able to create a V-shaped neckline for the front of my dress.
Now I had two large pieces of fabric created from the two pairs of jeans.  Then I lay the pieces on top of one another, right sides together and traced around this dress.  I got so excited with the process that I, as usual, forgot to take pictures.
But here is the pattern dress I used, my trusty tablecloth dress.  Then it was just a matter of cutting it out, sewing the front and back together, stitching down the arm seams and the neckline and Tadaaa!  I was done.
Here are the front and back view of the dress.
Here is are detailed pictures of the front and back of the top of the dress.  What do you think of my refashioning job?  I am quite happy with how the dress turned out and it was a lot easier than I had anticipated.  Cheers, Michele. Check out my blog Here!


jennifer elliott said...

Fabulous! I like that you kept the back pockets, adding that extra something to the dress. Great job!

Jennifer, EOD

Stef Weidert said...

I have been wanting to make a dress like this for ages! This is a super creative refashion! Wonderful job!