Thursday, September 15, 2016

TBT: All About The Town Top

I have a slight obsession with (well, several things actually...) cold-shoulder details. If I can say this, I like my shoulders. That's a random body part to be fond of but it's one of the few body parts of mine I don't nit-pick to death. So, I actually enjoy showing them off a little bit... Anyhoo, I found this top at a Garage Sale a few Summers ago and immediately envisioned a cold-shoulder top.

I took it in a few inches on each side (lining and everything) and seam ripped out the flutter sleeves. 

I re-added the sleeves in a cold-shoulder effect and a fairly simple Summer top was born.

For my full tutorial click here. Happy Refashioning and Happy Throw Back Thursday!



Valerie said...

Looks really nice!

I myself have rather large shoulders which don't fit in a lot of the shirts that otherwise fit perfectly. I wonder if I could try this treatment on a few of them. Thanks for the inspiration!

RePurposeFul said...

It looks fabulous! I just love the idea, thanks!

Chickie Walsh said...

Very nice! It came out so beautiful.

Heidi said...

I like how that came out!

jennifer elliott said...

Looks fabulous! Great job!

Jennifer, EOD

Marisa Glied said...

Look so pretty on you!!