Friday, September 09, 2016

Third time lucky

Trying to recover my sew-jo, so I started with something easy - my favourite rain coat revisited:

Not that exciting a coat I know, but I love it because: it's not black, it's a bit big so I can wear it even over really thick winter clothing yet it's a thin layer, it's got huge pockets, it's waterproof, windproof and it's warm.  In short, perfect!  But the collars and cuffs wore through - so while I was searching for a new perfect rain coat, I decided to re-new them.  Which I've just done for the third time, because I still haven't found the perfect replacement...

I'd already unpicked the previous cuffs and collar before joining Refashion Co-op, if you look closely above you can see the reinforcing for the collar button in version 1 fabric.  I kept those pieces when I replaced them to use as pattern pieces:

Version 2 was from a flimsy fabric and only lasted one year, so this time around I chose a sturdy quilting fabric.  It was surprisingly difficult to find something suitable that worked with the green of the rain coat. 

All done!  I always wear the cuffs turned up because the sleeves are too long, and the little bit of cherry blossom print in purple, green and gold makes me smile.  Finished, just in time for Spring here in southern Australia (doh!).  Wishing I'd got around to this months ago.  

A few more detail photos, partly because I love the hallucinogenic buttons so much and managed to get an exact replacement for a damaged one.  Not exactly in keeping with the cherry blossom, but they're too fun to change again just now.

Thanks for the inspiration fellow Refashion Co-opers! 


(And if anyone can tell me how to post photos side by side, that would be super helpful!)


jennifer elliott said...

Sometimes finding the perfect jacket is hard to find. Nice idea with saving the jacket for a few more years. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD

Stef Weidert said...

That jacket is a great color! I totally understand why you wanted to save it! Great refashion I love the pop of detail!