Thursday, September 01, 2016

Tunics - Sew Along Refashion Runway

I bought this shirt tunic recently when I was on holiday. It fit fine in my upper body, but was too narrow in the hips. No problem, that could easily be fixed.

I cut the serged sideseams off up to the waist and added to triangles made from black jersey to the sides. And now it fits great.

Tunics don't look good on me. I am short and have an hourglass figure. If I don't accentuate my waist, I look boxy. And the length of tunics make me look even shorter than I am. Therefore my usual tactics when I get my hands on tunics, is too lengthen them into dresses. Thus also this one.

I had a strip of black sateen, from a previous refashion. Because the sateen strip came from a skirt, it already had the arc to match the bottom of the tunic. So all I had to do, was to stitch the sateen strip to the bottom of the tunic.

Which I did. And zigzagged the edge. And cut threads. And then I really can't find any more to say. This is one of the fastest and simplest refashions, I have ever done. And it makes this garment complety different from the starting point.

The belt is askew. Which I only first now noticed.

Blogpost with more details and photos:


RePurposeFul said...

Love your fix for the tunic that was too tight in the hips - brilliant and simple - also looks fabulous!

Ivy Dewett said...

I love them both! Like how the simple addition to the bottom made all the difference!

jennifer elliott said...

I love adding triangle inserts to make a shirt bigger, but I absolutely am in love with the last refashion. So simple but yet so chic. Just stunning.

Jennifer, EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

Great job on both of these projects. I find it harder to add on than to take away. You did great.