Thursday, October 06, 2016

3 Small but Effective Refashions

Sometimes refashioning can be small but very effective! Here are my 3 small refashioning projects from September:

Applique Numbers onto existing t-shirts
My kids wanted to have their ages reflected in their school photos. Instead of going to out to a store to hunt for t-shirts with their age numbers, I simply used remnant fabrics to create the numbers and applique'd them onto their favourite tshirts. Really quick and easy!

Adding a side-slit to a tight skirt - I like very much this warm, wool blend, sparkly sweater skirt that I thrifted years ago. Unfortunately it was too restrictive to speed-walk and run in it (my default walking mode is speed-walking). So I used my seam-ripper to carefully ripped out the seam on one side of the skirt and now I can walk and run easily in it!

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Chickie Walsh said...

What a great idea to have the age of the child on the shirt. I love it.
And the skirt is great, moms need freedom to move!

RanchHouse said...

So right!!! Small changes can be very effective. And they are often the ones I get done to keep items in the wear it now rotation. Your skirt looks really sharp. Picture day Shirt numbers could become a picture day tradition.

jennifer elliott said...

I love theidea of having the age on the shirt! Makes organizing pictures so much easier! Thanks so much for the awesome idea!

Jennifer EOD

Lovenicky said...

Thanks ladies for your comments! I have to credit my kids for coming up with the 'age on the shirt' school photo idea!