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Monday, October 10, 2016

embroidery euro up cycle

I have to make an embroidered waistcoat for my nephew (irish dancing season again) and this time its velvet, which I have minimal experience in embroidering (and slightly adverse to sewing velvet in general).  I was on the look out for velvet in the charity shop to make the waistcoat, and while there spotted this black top.  Its a stretch mock suede and a nice shape, and I thought it would be useful to do an embroidery sample on textured stretch fabric and also to check if fabric glue would work as an alternative to top hooping fabric.

I put vilene on the hoop and put glue in place and then basted the fabric/top in place.  I used a 'Flores' motif from Urban Threads.  The middle motif is slightly off balance, but in all it turned out fine..... so including oodles of mistakes including,

finding out

  • I should have marked out the design on the vilene
  • the re-spooling of the indian embroidery thread was a good idea but it is still crap thread
  • the blue usb key should not be used as it stopped working half-way through the third embroidery
  • noting the stitch count is always a good idea (when having to turn machine on and off when usb gave up)

I did also find out a free way to do basic edits (edited out birds in design), so as learning curves go, this one was easy enough, and on the up-side, at least the velvet fabric is a woven!


Samwise W. said...

You are SO talented! Wow!

Agitated in Auckland said...

Looks great Eimear - It's always good to learn new stuff and great to do it on a one euro garment - win-win. I see you can buy a velvet foot for my sewing machine - I have a pfaff - not sure what you have - I don't know if that might be worth checking out before you attempt the waistcoat??

Eimear Greaney said...

thank you for the tip on the velvet foot.... I will look into it, normally I just baste and in this case it wont be velvet on velvet seams as its a waistcoat, but v good to know. I have been told that embroidering with net over the velvet will help with the pile so thats the next experiment. hooping was the biggest obstacle as i didnt want to hoop over but the 'glue' worked a treat!

cfortin said...

Turned out great!

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab