Friday, October 07, 2016

French Terry dress to shirt

This summer I sewed up pajamas for most of my kids.  (I have 7, so it was no small task!)  Of course I had to include a refashion in there.  Here's the dress I started with.
Here's what it had going for it: it was french terry & there was a Lot of material to work with!  But alas, the neckline was soooooo low that it was too revealing.  And if you pulled it up, it curved up at the waist in a most unattractive way.  
So I used it to make one of my daughters a raglan pj top.
And I made her some french terry shorts to match.  Now I have 2 things left to figure out:
1 - how to use the rest of the french terry left over from the dress.
2- how to steal this super soft top from her...because she wears it every night!

Alright, if you want to see the pattern I used to make this top and see the rest of the pajamas I sewed for my other kids, visit me here over at Skirt Fixation.


jennifer elliott said...

I love finding big dresses -- so much awesome fabric to work with! Glad to know your daughter love her pj top. Great job.

Jennifer EOD

Bella lauren said...

Woo I just love this gorgeous outfit,really amazing