Saturday, October 22, 2016

Polyester Red

This new school year has really thrown me off track and I haven't been sewing much.  Earlier this week, I pulled out this dress, for the 27th time and decided to make a few alterations so I could wear it.   I took in a few inches under the arms on both sides, and then cut a few inches off of this red dress to make it shorter. It was an awkward mid-shin length.  I cut off about 5 inches and all of a sudden it became mid-thigh length.  It's a little shorter than I intended.  (Why does that always happen? I guess I don't have a good sense of my body mass.) 

Anyway, I wore it with black leggings and boots, and it was more like a long shirt/ tunic. I love the color and it has some interesting texture on the fabric.  It feels a little funny, which is why I hesitated 26 times in doing anything with it. But it was so easy to sew! The dress is 94% polyester and 6% something else.    Polyester is my new favorite fabric to sew, and with a tank top under, leggings under and a black cardigan over, none of the fabric touched my skin.  Here's to getting back into sewing with an easy refashion!

Thanks for reading,
Love, Amy Jo @ The Little Moments


Carissa said...

I hate it when I do that! Maybe you could add a ruffle or something for a little extra length?


Chickie Walsh said...

I love sewing with poly-blends. They are so easy to work with! I have done the super short dress cut too. It seems like such a little bit to cut off and then