Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shower Curtain Refashioned Into A Wrap Skirt!!

I know, I know, I always seem to refashion weird fabric sources into new clothes for myself, but I like the challenge and buying fabric from a fabric store can be expensive.  I like to have unusual fabrics for my refashions.  I bought this black and white fabric shower curtain for 30% off of $4.99.
It is a standard size shower curtain with button holes for the shower hooks.
I don't often make skirts and I am sure you are rather tired of the same t-shirt style dress I always make and love, so I decided to go a different way with this refashion.  I used my dress maker's mannequin to help me measure the length I wanted the skirt and then pinned the cut material on to check the length.
Then I hemmed the bottom.
To take the waist in and hide all the button holes except for the two on each end, I folded the fabric so that the button hole was in the centre of the fold and stitched down the waist band with a quarter-inch seam.
Luckily I had some beautiful black and white buttons rescued from a previous refashion.
Then I pinned it back on the dress maker's mannequin and figured out where my two buttons should go.  I sewed them on and tadaaa!
My skirt is finished.  It looks much nicer on than on the mannequin, but I had no one to help me take a photo of the skirt on.  I think it will look fabulous in the spring and summer with flats or in the winter with high boots.  The fabric is nice and crisp and I love the pattern.  I have enough left over that I might make a top with the rest.  Stay tuned for a possible future refashion.  Cheers, Michele Check out my blog


I Can Work With That said...

That is a great pattern. The black and white really pop. Very clever use of a shower curtain!

Unknown said...

I love the black and white print. Nice Save.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Heidi said...

What a fun pattern! Hope you post a pic on the blog of it styled.