Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#27 Back to School: Navy Eyelet Overlay

This is #27 for my after retirement “Back to Elementary School Wardrobe”.

My goal is 10 Re-fashions per month. I hope to catch up during winter break. 

BEFORE: Loose fitting top was made years ago.

PROBLEM: Needed to update dated print with more current lace look.

STEPS: Remove neck facing & stitching from red panels.
Add eyelet overlays & stitch in place. Restitch neck binding.   

AFTER: The updated top is fun with denim skirts and jeans. Jeans are in dress code in my new Elementary school. 

Eyelet overlay updates top.
Horse related print is in-line in my country Texas school.
Red peeks through and stays on the neck binding. 

AFTER: Eyelet overlay.

Eyelet Overlay

In need of update.


fabrichoarder said...

Wow, that really transformed it!

cfort82 said...

That is such an interesting idea for a refashion. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

I Can Work With That said...

What a great idea!I have never seen that technique, nice job.