Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gloomy Fall Sweater

I posted this super easy refashion on my blog right before I left for vacation... and forgot to post it here. My bad.

It started off looking something like this:

I despise sweater dresses with a passion because even though I'm fairly (fairly!) "small" I'm super duper curvy... You don't have to be "plus size" to be "curvy". Just sayin'... Anyhoo, I shortened this to make it more flattering to my gynormous bottom half.

The stripes made this part easy :)

Then, I cut out some material from that bottom scrap and added them into the side seams of the sweater to give me a little extra room...

Sew in one side at a time with right sides together

I left the bottom edge raw because I just didn't feel like finishing it #honesty

Even with the awkwardness of the stripes, I still think it lined up pretty well :)

It's been crazy gloomy in Indiana this fall. I had this sweater finished quite a while ago, but the weather never cooperated with my After photo shoots. I finally gave up and decided to take pics with the gloomy background.

Happy Refashioning!

If you want to see a full tutorial of how I added in the panels feel free to click here.



Saga said...

I hear you! I have the exact same body type as you. And I have actually done the exact same to two dresses of mine of the exact same reason.
Nice refashion, I'm sure you will get a lot more wear out of the garment now.

cfortin said...

Nice makeover. Looks great.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Marisa Glied said...

Super awesome fix!