Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lounging About

Hi all!

Well here it is! A real project! See told ya I had one ;)

Found this maxi dress at Goodwill! It has a lovely edge print, but honestly I don't need any more maxi skirts. I felt like doing something different, so I decided to try PANTS!

Since this dress was hugely long on me, I just hacked off the top without a care in the world

The dress had a side slit, so I seam-ripped it to be able to sew the slit back together, so one leg wouldn't have a random slit in it.

I then found a tutorial and laid out a well-fitting pair of pajama pants on the now-folded skirt.

My dogs were SUPER helpful for this part...

I traced around the PJ pants and made a cut

Pin n' sew n' serge the new legs!

I had to cut and sew the front too; this is the abdominal area and the excess fabric gave me a kangaroo pouch.

Make a casing for the waistband...

Add elastic and sew...

I then hand-sewed a tiny green X so I could tell which was the back

Tah daaahhh!

I love these! They aren't perfect; the front bunches a little and I think I made the waist a bit too low to fit perfectly (the fabric has absolutely zero stretch so I think that's the source). But that just means these aren't acceptable for public wear; they are amazing, comfy lounge pants and I LOVE them! Excited to try this on more maxi skirts/dresses in the future!



jennifer elliott said...

They look comfy ... Who cares if they're not perfect? Fantastic job! Love your puppies ... So cute and adorable!

Chickie Walsh said...

That is great fabric. I love that you made something practical. I tend to forget to make comfy lounge clothes, even though I wear them all the time at home. These are so cute, way to go.
Chickie EOD

Samwise W. said...

Thanks Jennifer and Chickie! Chickie; increase your loungeware wardrobe... I love mine! lol

Melissa Lin said...

Love the print!