Saturday, November 05, 2016

Pleasant Plaid Peasant Blouse

Several months ago, I ran across a tutorial on the Internet about turning a men's button-down shirt into a peasant blouse. "That's kind of cute," I thought, and promptly forgot about it. A few months later, a friend gave my boyfriend this blue and red plaid shirt, which became my inspiration for actually trying the shirt-to-blouse DIY project.

I never did locate the same tutorial that had originally captured my interest, but I picked and chose elements from the following two tutorials to arrive at my own version of the DIY peasant blouse: 
Unlike the RKC Southern example, I decided to leave off any additional embellishments, since the plaid pretty much spoke for itself. Unlike the Cut Out and Keep example, I didn't put in any ruffled edges.

Unlike the tutorials, I used a ribbon for the neckline instead of elastic, and I gave mine longer sleeves. The fabric the shirt was made of was a little stiff and heavy, and the colors were kind of dark, which I thought would suit it better for a fall or winter garment than a summer or spring one. I also tailored the shirt just a tad to make it a little less boxy and baggy.

For more pictures, more refashioning details, and more story, check out my full post!

--The Unfashionista


Saga said...

Love the blouse - and the title LOL

Carissa said...

Great job! I agree, the plaid doesn't need any extra embellishments or ruffles. It's fantastic on its own!