Friday, November 04, 2016

Red Boots and rags

I made this cute little shirt a little longer so my "Happy Little Camper" can keep wearing it this fall.  I found an unloved tank top which was the perfect diameter to the shirt and after pinning it down really well, it took about four minutes to sew.  I cut off the rest of the tank top to use for a rag, and before I could even put it away in my rag drawer, I found a good use for it: Waxing my boots!

I adore cowboy boots and maybe someday I'll have a real pair.  But for now, what I have are these $35 Target brand boots.  They came in grey, which is not a fun color and the toes scuffed off almost immediately.  I spray painted them red (YIKES, they were really red) and then rubbed an antiquing wax all over to tone it down a bit. I wore them out last weekend in the rain, and can already see how the paint is starting to flake off.  Bummer.  Maybe spray paint isn't the best shoe refashion method......Any suggestions?

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Amy Jo at The Little Moments


jennifer elliott said...

I wish I could give you solution for the boots because I love red cowboy boots. Hmmmmmm.

Jennifer EOD

diaryofapennypincher said...

The colour of those boots in the photo looks really good, such a shame you can see the paint flaking off. In the UK we have Dylon and they make very good shoe dye, I have bought some off Ebay for my OH to dye a pair of second hand tan leather shoes to black. As the shoes only cost a couple of pounds, same as the dye, it was a worthwhile investment.

Maria said...

I think you can buy outdoor acrylic paint at Michaels that might do the trick.

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