Friday, November 04, 2016

sweater upcycle - home-made crochet trim

I started doing these last year, they are pretty quick and I love the homemade handmade look it gives. I started using the Seamwork Astoria pattern (I lengthen the pattern) to recut cotton mens v-neck sweaters.  This one is a very fine cotton, which is faded and that gives it an old sweatshirt feel.  I havn't a clue where the before picture went, but it was a xl mens v-neck with a small hole in the seam!

I see these sweaters as the antithesis of fast fashion, as the sweaters so far are from the one euro rail in the charity shop (reduced rail).  After recutting and sewing seams, I turn over the neck, sleeve, and hem edge, and tack, I then blanket stitch in the same colour embroidery thread as the garment, and then single crochet into these.  I keep meaning to make the embroidery or the crochet more elaborate, but havn't yet!


RePurposeFul said...

Beautiful work. :)

jennifer elliott said...

Lovely job.

Jennifer EOD