Tuesday, November 01, 2016

That No-Sew Thing

Hey guys!

Another project is almost done, but I wanted to share this quick little number with you:

Some of you may remember this from a while ago. I used the bottom of this shirt and this skirt to make a scarf for a dear little girl in my life. But the top of the top was still in perfect working order, so I saved it!

I like crop tops by way of layers, because it can help me make a neckline more appropriate while not adding a whole extra layer the way a full tank top does (VERY important here in the desert). This fit great as is, but needed a little choppage. The ruffle stuck out weirdly so I carefully snipped it away 

Then I cleaned up the bottom edge since my original chop had been... Well, choppy. Since everything is still seamed and serged, there was no need for any sewing! 

Here it is in action! You can see how low this shirt would be otherwise. I actually have already worn it under a sundress I have and it was great! It made the dress magically work-acceptable. 

Easy peasey! I'll be back soon with my 'real' project :)



Chickie Walsh said...

Cute tank, I like the idea of a crop tank for under things. Humid summer isn't a good time to wear 2 whole shirts. Very nice.

Samwise W. said...

Chickie; it works GREAT! We don't get as humid here but we get into the 100-and-teens for MONTHS on end. As little clothing as possible is needed!!

cfortin said...

Great idea. I am always in need of something to wear under my tank tops. Thanks.

Cindy - EOD
Upycled Design Lab