Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#32 Back to School: Nearly doubled in size: Purple Satin Cami with Lace Insert

This is #32 for my self-challenge: Back to Elementary School Wardrobe
Goal #1: 10 Re-fashions each month beginning August when I returned to teaching.  
Goal #2: Shop from the closet. No new / used clothing for this school year.
Goal #3: Shop from the sewing stash for Re-fashion materials.

This is cami #3 this week. My new school is cold. Wearing camis under sweaters helps to keep the body core warm. I need a weeks’ worth of camis when we return to school after winter break.

BEFORE: Very small purple satin dress from the re-fashion stash. No idea where it came from; it is not a fabric or color I would chose for the stash. Black lace t- from the stash.

PROBLEM: This dress was so small it could not even fit the small dress form.

STEPS: Cut a wide strip from the bottom of dress for side panels. Pull side seam threads to open back and sides. Insert side panels cut from the hem. Insert lace panel cut from the stash top in the back seam. The lace worked better with original mesh panel in the top back rather than the solid fabric. Serged hem but did not turn under to reduce bulk showing under pants.

AFTER:  A fun purple and lace cami to wear hidden under sweaters on cold school days. This would also be fun under sleep clothes. 

AFTER: Fun purple cami
layers under sweaters
and night clothes.
Hem  serged, not
turned to reduce bulk.

AFTER: Original dress was nearly doubled in size.
Solid self-fabric panels enlarge sides.
Lace panel enlarges cami back.
Lace went best with original mesh insert. 

Original top mesh back 

with lace insert

Satin insert cut from dress hem
Very small purple dress from the stash.

Built in bralet was kept as part of the design.
It was nearly doubled in size with self-fabric cut from hem.


Heidi said...

What a pretty color! It looks like it has a flounce on the top?

RanchHouse said...

There was a built in bralet that showed in front and back.
The bralet had a 2nd set of stretched out elastic straps, which I removed.
I hand stitched the front mesh in place. On the back the mesh bralet was visible. I put the lace insert in the back with the mesh.

I Can Work With That said...

Awesome job!

jennifer elliott said...

Great job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD