Saturday, December 10, 2016



After my last catastrophe of a project, I really felt like I needed to redeem myself!

Rumply old tank top. It has some tiny holes and stains and is just kinda crappy. But I needed some workout shirts; things that can handle a sweaty zumba class or powerlifting sesh!

I refashioned this dress a while ago but didn't like the straps I added, so I decided to use it for its fabric in my favorite colors!

I cut out some design elements

And refined the shapes

And on they went! Here is the front

And here is the back! The sewing is a little uneven and the edges are raw, but that's kind of the feel I wanted; a little rough and 'handmade'

It was a simple project, but it soothed my cranky nerves. Onto the next best thing! 



Chickie Walsh said...

Great workout top. I don't like to pay money for exercise clothes, but I really need them so I love workout refashions. Nice job.
Chickie EOD

Samwise W. said...

Chickie; I HATE paying for workout gear! It's always SO expensive. That's why I try to score/make a good deal whenever I can, LOL