Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Star print dress! Three ways!

I'm really irresponsible with stuff...that's why I don't have a before picture here. I had to rely on my memory to bring you this sketch:
I unintentionally look huge in this drawing. I was trying to draw attention to my distaste with the oversized fit of '80s dresses.
This specific dress was something I bought back in 2014 or something and wore once or twice. The dress fit me well, I just didn't like how it fit. But, I had to have this dress as part of my collection. Because this is what the print looks like (extreme close up):
I love staaaars! So what's best about this thing is that I actually did a refashion (a lot of times I'm just doing a "resizing") and I got three different ways to wear this new dress! Here is my favorite:
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Chickie Walsh said...

That sketch is great, I love it. The new dress is very flattering! Nice job.

whatthesew said...

That eighties dress was a real find, you did it proud.

cfortin said...

Very pretty new dress and I love that you sketched the before pic. I remember that silhouette it went with really big hair. :-)

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab